• Tjaldur has extensive experience in developing responsible and profitable companies in the resource-rich North Atlantic
  • Tjaldur has extensive experience in developing responsible and profitable companies in the resource-rich North Atlantic
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About us

Tjaldur is an industrial holding company registered in the Faroe Islands. Tjaldur focuses its investments in the North Atlantic, which has a rich resource base of seafood and energy. We are committed to sustainable development in this area.

Tjaldur has comprehensive operating experience and industrial insight doing business in the North Atlantic, and invests in companies with improvement potential and the possibility for international growth.

Tjaldur (Oyster Catcher) is the national bird of the Faroes, celebrated with processions on the 12th of March every year, when it returns from abroad.

Tjaldur is a global citizen, but it builds its nest in the Faroe Islands.

Tjaldur was initially established as a shipping company in 1919, and became a holding company after the sale of the shipping activities in 2004. Tjaldur reinvested the funds and established positions in several marine industries and among other played a vital role in the reconstruction of the Faroese salmon farming industry in 2005.

In 2016, the company transformed into an international industrial holding company with a new organizational setup and a more active role internationally.


Who we are

We at Tjaldur believe we can add value to companies through our operating experience, industrial insight, and far-reaching regional network. The board of directors and the management of Tjaldur have significant ownership in the company.

  • Rúni M. Hansen
    Executive Chairman
  • Helge Lund
    Non-Executive Director
  • Líggjas í Bø
    Non-Executive Director
  • Nils Jegstad
    Investment Director
    +47 97 13 40 58
  • Janus Thomsen
    Chief Executive - CEO
    +298 21 10 21
  • Carl Martin Elmerskog
    Business Developer and Investment Professional
    +47 92 65 16 52

What we seek

Tjaldur focuses its investments in small and mid-cap companies in the North Atlantic. We invest in industrial growth companies and mature businesses with potential for improvement and international growth. We also participate in larger investments through partnerships with industrial and/or financial partners. Our investment focus is on:

  • Tjaldur_Maritime.jpg
    Seafood includes all sectors related to the marine environment.
  • OF-14aug15_00Q2930_RGB.jpg
    Energy includes the extraction, refining, distribution, and sales of energy products
  • 20160927_0463mini-1024.jpg
    Related service industries
    We also seek companies supporting the seafood and energy industry with innovative technologies, products, and service concepts.

Our Approach

Tjaldur has been an active investor in a number of companies and industries. We work closely with a company’s executive team to develop strategy and secure forceful execution. We have no limitations on holding periods, and focus on our ability to bring value to our portfolio companies through active ownership. We prefer situations where we have ownership control and/or strong support from other shareholders to implement our plans.

  • Operating experience
    Tjaldur’s representatives have broad management experience from leading positions within international companies.
  • Industrial insight
    Tjaldur can support any existing and new portfolio companies with substantial industry insight through its portfolio companies, network, and industry analysis.
  • Network
    We believe our broad international network across several industries will be of significant value to our portfolio companies.
  • Transaction experience
    Tjaldur and its board and management has proven experience with Merger Aquisitions, IPO’s, equity and debt issues, and refinancing.


Bryggjubakki 22
FO-100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Dronning Mauds gate 3
0250 Oslo

Tel. +298 35 18 00
Website www.tjaldur.com



P/F Tjaldur hevur ársaðalfund 14. februar 2024 klokkan 16.00 á Bryggjubakka 22, Tórshavn.

Dagskrá: Smbrt. viðtøkum felagsins.

Til ber at tekna seg til fundin við at ringja til tlf. 457500 ella senda teldupost til status@status.fo í seinasta lagi 9. februar klokkan 12.00.